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Sell Your Assignment

Here is How To Get Started

What to know

About Assignments

Assigning a condo can be a daunting process. Very different from a regular sale as the condo isn’t officially owned yet. What you’re selling or buying is the right to own the property upon final closing. This makes the sale a bit more complicated and specialized. People choose to assign for many reasons.

Change in a life circumstance where they no longer need the unit, have another opportunity to invest in, or as an investment strategy - flipping the property without getting a mortgage. It gives an opportunity to sell the property before paying closing costs or qualifying for a mortgage which is helpful if you have multiple properties closing in the same year, wants to invest in something else, or no longer plan on moving in. Regardless of the reason, here are a few things to know if you’re thinking of assigning your condo assignment listings for sale in Brampton, Toronto, Mississauga, and Hamilton.

What’s the

What’s the

Time frame?

Typically, developers will have a specific time range for when condo assignment is permitted. Most often this is closer to completion/occupancy. It is important to find out when the window is open and what the developer's requirements are for an assignment listing in Toronto to ensure you can assign in a favorable market. Our team has built strong relationships with many of the GTA's top Developers to help obtain the necessary approvals.

Gather all the

Documents required

First things first you’ll want to make sure you have an assignment clause in your agreement. To be able to assign, you will need to have an assignment clause that permits you to assign, typically with some conditions.


Agreement of Purchase and Sale




Tarion Warranty


Condominium Documents


Form 4’s


Finishes & Upgrade Selections


Correspondence with the Developer

What Buyers & Sellers Need

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